Too much content

Internet is full of content and chat possibilities, but all this is built on quantity. The reason is the underlying advertising-based business model, which requires people to stay on platforms as long as possible. PopSpots target is to flip this business model and build a platform where people spend less time, but the time spent is multiple times more rewarding in the entertainment and monetary sense.

Community & Economy

PopSpot creates tools for Creators and Fans while including the community in building the tools, growing the user base, and deciding the healthy community guidelines. Although PopSpot is progressively moving towards a DAO structure, the inclusion percentage increases YoY.
Fans join the platform to access the free or paid community. In the communities, users can chat and see exclusive content from their favorite creators, providing recurring income for creators. In addition, fans are rewarded for their positive community actions, like supporting the creators, engaging, and helping with distribution. While some actions are pre-defined as positive or negative, many actions are defined by the community as positive or negative, which makes the platform truly community-driven. Rewards are in the form of POPS tokens or access to premium features.