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Socialise to earn

PopSpot tokens, POPS is the native coin of PopSpot social media platform. The concept of web3 allows to build new economical models that have never existed before. PopSpot will be full community owned DAO after the initial development period.
The idea behind Socialise to Earn is to reward community members by positive actions they do within the community. This way they increase the value of the community and at the same time their investment in POPS tokens. This model encourages users to build better and bigger communities not only because of the content but also as monetary reward. There will be many different groups of users in the platform with different motivations and value creation inicatives.
User Group
Steady income, Communication with Fans
Content and Creative work
Content, Direct Chat with Creators. Token rewards
Promoting content, making content more valuable with discussion, paying to Creators
Token rewards
New community members
Growth of PopSpot
Providing Supply side to the DAO
Collaboration with Creators, direct communication with their customers
Providing Supply side to the DAO