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What is Popspot?

Got 30 seconds? Check out a video overview of our product:
PopSpot is a Web3 Social Platform where everyone gets rewarded for creative content, messaging, and interactions. 4,6B Social Media users worldwide spend 2,5 hours daily chasing likes and watching ads. Meta alone makes more than 117B/year from users like this. PopSpot is flipping the business model by enabling its users to earn directly from interacting within their communities.
During 2022 the team gained their first critical validation from their 300+ signup Creators, reaching nearly 4M followers. In addition, the team has done technical testing with their first signup Beta users. The platform is ready for launch. The following steps include launching the app to Alpha to reach 5.000 Creators and 100.000 users. This will allow the team to validate the product market fit among the Creators and users and prepare for monetization through subscriptions and revenue share.


A new global standard for Social Networks where people earn by socializing.