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Allocations and Unlock schedule

Total Allocation
% of total supply
Private Sale
300 000 000
Socialise to Earn
1 500 000 000
240 000 000
660 000 000
Technical Fund
300 000 000
Total Supply
3 000 000 000
During 2023, POPs tokens will be listed on DEX and CEX at the same time with additional utility. Team is working with next utility solutions and exact utility will be announced together with token listing:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
    NFT sales
  4. 4.
    Collaboration with brands
POPS allocated to Investors through the Private Sale, Team and Advisors are locked with 5 years vesting and 12-month cliff.
The Technical Fund will initially be managed by the PopSpot core team, and its core purpose is to grow the PopSpot community. As the Socialise to Earn model is very new these funds are needed for unexpected situation, investments or to stabilise PopSpot economy. The core owners of the fund are POPS token holders.
To preserve the integrity of the fund the PopSpot team will prepare yearly statements that include a high-level overview of what the funds have been used for.
The principles for the fund are as follows:
  • Clear value added to the broader PopSpot community
  • KPIs and goals that unlock funds (if applicable)
As time passes the ecosystem fund will be integrated into the DAO and stakers will be able to vote on who should receive funding.