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PopSpot uses Polygon (
POPS token contract address is:0x7419DFd976Cc285FD3C989CDBD66187bA6188A21

There will be two level of tokens

POPS token - Utility token within the platform

POPS is the main utility token for different actions on the platform. It will be tradable on DEX. The economics are designed this way so that the price of the POPS is fairly stable as users want to know the price of different actions and their rewards. The stability is achieved with balanced supply, demand and PopSpot technical reserve.

PopSpot governance token - DAO owenership and profit share

PopSpot governance token will give ownership of PopSpot DAO. Ownership will give part of profits, right to suggest proposals and vote for the proposals based. Profit share and voting is proportional to the holding of the PopSpot governance tokens.
It will be possible to trade between POPS and PopSpot governance tokens. The ratio will be announced later, but it will be either mathematical or market value based.